We recommend the following sites to get the most out of your web search:

  1. www.dmoz.org - human edited directory - the good thing about this is that search engine spamming companies are usually not included in this directory.
  2. www.google.com - need I say more? :)
  3. www.yahoo.com - Google's step daddy ;) but recently has made some very promising changes to their search engine algorithms
  4. www.bing.com - needs some work, but with Microsoft's backing, it won't take much time for them to become a major force once again..
  5. www.ebay.com - one of the better auction sites - has encountered some difficulties lately with identity theft. If you ever receive an e-mail from someone claiming to be eBay, it is always best to send that message to spoof@ebay.com and if it is legitimate, they will likely respond to you.
  6. www.amazon.com - books and more, superstore...these folks are probably like the Wal-Mart of the internet.
  7. www.spamcop.net - one of my personal favorites :) - for those seeking to put an end to the hopeless amount of ridiculous e-mails.
  8. www.wikipedia.com - fantastic resource site and an open source encyclopedia.
  9. www.pirateball.com - I love the black and gold, even though lately, we have been more black and blue ;)
  10. www.lycos.com - one of the first major search engines, and guess what, it all started here in Pittsburgh :) - thank you CMU
  11. www.lookseek.com - excellent source to find what you are looking for.
  12. Sootle Web Directory
    Free categorized and human-edited link directory. Add your international website today.
  13. www.soprano.com - these "wise guys and gals" are some of the friendliest folks.
  14. www.surfgopher.com - fantastic family friendly search engine.


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